Online Blogging – A Great Way to Market Any Business, Product, Or Service

Online Blogging has been around for many years, at the beginning it was mostly used as a Internet diary, a place to put down your thoughts about one thing or another.Currently blogs are one of the most commonly used Internet marketing tools, the reason is they are very effective way to get your content indexed by the search engines.There are many different places that you can create blogs that will not cost you a cent, but there are some risk involved when going that root. There have been many marketers who have had bad experiences with free blog providers who for one reason, or another shut down their blog without notice. You can’t imagine putting a lot of work into a blog, and then it is gone in a blink of an eye.It really is best to host your own blog that way you have full control. One of the best blogs that you can host is WordPress. To obtain WordPress you can go to, and download it. At the site they do provide full installation instructions. Manual Installation will take some time but it will be well worth it.There is a easier route if your lucky enough to have a web hosting provider that has c-panel with a feature called Fantastico. With Fantastico all you would have to do is fill out a few fields, and with just one click you will have installed your WordPress blog. Whatever option you choose is up to you.After you have your blog installed your next step would be to choose a WordPress template, usually with WordPress you will have a default template, and the classic template included, you really don’t have to stuck with those. When it comes to template choices make sure that you choose a template that has widgets. With widgets you will be able to add content in the sidebar of your blog such as banners, or AdSense code for example.A great place to get WordPress templates is,they have a great selection of WordPress templates, and they also have a search tool that you can choose the features you seek for your blog.Now that you have chosen your template there are some plug-ins that you need to also download and install. You will need to go to and get the following plugins:All-In-One-SEO-PackMaxblogpress-Ping-OptimizerThe All-In-One-SEO-Pack is very powerful, you will be putting your Title, description, and keywords for you blog in this plug-in.The Maxblogpress-Ping-Optimizer is very powerful because it will enable your blog post to be pinged to a variety of sites, that will cause the search engines to spider your blog because their is new content. The Maxblogpress-Ping-Optimizer is really good, and will only ping when you submit new content, and it will not ping when you edit a post. This is a good thing, and will assist you in not getting blocked by Search Engines due to spamming(excess pinging).There is one more thing that you will need to activate the Akismet plugin when hosting your WordPress blog, and that is the Word Press API Key. If you already have a blog you can get a API key there, if you don’t you can go to the following site to get one emailed to you Blogging is a great alternative to having a static website, you have a much better chance to reaching your target market, and in many cases you will even get a following and repeat visitors for years to come.For more information about online blogging and information on other Internet Marketing Methods see the resource box below